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What Our Customers Say

“Consistently great quality products. I specifically shop at the two stores near me who carry this brand when I’m looking for meat. Also, their customer service is wonderful. Would absolutely recommend!”

Melanie O.

“I buy your products all the time and love them. I have tried the cheap imitations before and they just don’t seem to compare in quality or value.”

I.A., Cincinnati, OH

“The taste, the price, and it’s local.”

Bobbi C.

“What a huge difference! Your chicken breasts are wonderfully delicious and tender, with no ugly fat and no smell. My husband took one bite and said I should never buy any other chicken again. Ever. I agree. Your product is far superior. Many Thanks!”

D. R., Arlington Heights, IL

“Wonderful company that truly takes pride in the care of their chickens. And the meat tastes like no other! It’s the best chicken you can buy!”

Samantha B.

“Your chicken is consistently the best quality I can find in the Chicago area where I live. The taste and texture is like no other, not even close! I’ve roasted your whole chickens many times and also have made chicken breast dishes. To my surprise, the boneless breasts that I sautéed were just as tender and delicate in texture and with the same flavor as the slow roasted chicken breast on the bone that I’ve slow roasted. I don’t know how you do it, but I will always recommend yours over the others.”

Robert G., Loyal Customer

“Chickens have and old time taste to them, unlike most chicken today – extremely tender and juicy…I am totally sold on these as being the very best… Miller Poultry does a superb job with their farms – thanks for giving such a high quality product ! The very best!”

Martin A.

“Had the Cheddar Chicken Sausage today, my whole family was blown away. This was the best chicken sausage we have ever had. Cheese was oozing out with every bite! Can’t thank you enough for this quality product. Now I am dying to try the jalapeño cheese sausage.”

Dan Malfroid, Loyal Customer

“Very premium chicken. best I ever had…you can tell the quality difference than other store bought! Highly recommend.”

Richie H.

“Love it! Highly recommend the jalapeño cheddar chicken sausage!”

Ashley C.

“VMiller’s poultry is second to none. If I could describe them in one word it would be Excellent!”

Alleen S.M.

Our Chickens

Stewardship, Honesty & Excellence

Learn about our high standards for animal care and quality products.

Our Chickens

Stewardship, Honesty & Excellence

Learn about our high standards for animal care and quality products.